noun: an intuitive entrepreneur who thrives in life and business when they listen to their inner voice


noun: one who is respected and distinguished because of their profound wisdom and judgment

We’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs thrive

We believe entrepreneurship changes lives.

We also know it takes a toll, and self-care is the first thing an entrepreneur sacrifices. 

Here at EntuitiveSage we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs be their best self and build their best business. 

Our guides will help you improve your wellness, master your mindset, and boost your business.

Our Promise to You

We promise to stand in integrity and share with you content that will help you thrive. We are not experts, but we promise to share our best knowledge possible.


100% Mobile

Take our guides with you, whenever you want, wherever you want to go.


High Quality

We strive to provide high quality content that will help you thrive in life and in business.


Action Oriented

We’re tired of experts that just spew information. Our guides are designed to help you take action.



Our guides are designed to help you maintain a balance between your wellness and your business. 

Wherever you are…

Our guides will help you get to wherever you want to go. 

Whether you’re sitting on a tropical beach, in a wine bar in the city, or on the couch with your partner, our guides are there for you.

Fully responsive and available wherever you have an internet connection, our guides will help you grow, thrive, and prosper on your terms.

Why we do what we do

Ysmay Walsh

I’m a woman with a vision.

A vision for a world where entrepreneurs aren’t burned out, overworked, and underpaid. 

As an entrepreneur you feel like you have to do all the things. 

Something’s gotta give. And it’s usually wellness and personal development.

But when you’re healthy, and vibrant, and showing up as your best self, your business will thrive.

If you’ve tried and failed, don’t worry. It’s OK. You just need a mentor; someone who has been there before you. Someone who has found the way.

Using my systems and strategies, we will build your best business; the business that will make you stand out in your market as the go-to expert.

Using accountability and action items, we will uncover your best self; the You that the world needs to see. 

Join me here at EntuitiveSage, and step into who you’re meant to be.

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